Nodes along the Ultuna trail

1. Slottstullen

At this point lies the start of the Ultuna Trail. The Castle and its park are probably very similar to how they were in the days of Linnaeus but what about the rest of the landscape along the walk? Do you think that Linnaeus would need you as his guide if he walked here today?

2. Kronåsen

Underneath the crowns of the old pine trees, all perspectives are overturned. Take a moment to look around carefully. Who has walked here before you? Learn to track the animals of the forest and guess the age of the trees.

3. Gamla vindbrofästet

This is where the Vikings sailed past on Långhundraleden to the Baltic Sea. For Linnaeus it was the way to Stockholm by sea. The Fyris River is still an important route for the fish migrating upstream from the sea to the brooks. But take this opportunity for a break, this is a harmonious location with several stories to tell.

4. Ultunaåsen

In this location you will find a place to rest with a spectacular view of the landscape. Look out over the plain, the ridge and the river - the characteristic landscape of Uppsala - and see what the ridge looks like on the inside!

5. Ullbo

The spirit of Linnaeus is certainly infused in kunskapsträdgården (educational garden). Ullbo is a somewhat secluded, but harmonious part where you can discover plants that thrive in shadowy and moist conditions, which extend down towards the dark surface of the pond.

6. Sunnerstaspången

Follow the footbridge all the way to the edge of the river where the reeds end, there is more to discover! What lurks beneath the dark surface?