Geocaching is an exciting outdoor treasure-hunting game, using GPS! Someone has hidden a treasure and put coordinates to it on the Internet. By using a GPS receiver and following clues, anyone can find the treasure. The treasure is hidden in a small box, usually containing a logbook, a pencil and a number of small "treasures" of little value. The idea is to write in the logbook and then take one of the treasure objects, in exchange for a new object put there by the finder. When finished, the box is hidden again exactly as it was found and the treasure is ready for the next fortune hunter!

Read more about geocaching on, or the Swedish site Geocaching i Sverige.

Geocaches at The Linnaeus Trails

There are four geocaches along the Gottsunda Trail, the Danmark Trail, the Vaksala Trail and the Jumkil Trail. By finding these four caches, coordinates to a fifth cache emerge.

I Linnés fotspår #1: Gottsundavandringen - at the Gottsunda trail
I Linnés fotspår #2: Danmarksvandringen - at the Danmark trail
I Linnés fotspår #3: Vaksalavandringen - at the Vaksala trail
I Linnés fotspår #4: Jumkilsvandringen - at the Jumkil trail
I Linnés fotspår #5: Hemma hos Linné - at Linnaeus home

There is yet another geocache linked to Linnaeus, a so called multicache, which can be found in the vincinity of the Linneaus garden and the Linneaus museum:
Carl von Linné, 300 years

New multicaches at The Linnaeus Trails

There are also new multi-caches along the Herbationes Upsalienses. For the Ultuna Trail, the Håga Trail, the Husby Trail and the Gamla Uppsala Trail, there are adventure folders on hand with a treasure hunt included. The treasure hunts are built as multi-caches. You get the coordinates for the treasure by answering the questions in the folders.