Nodes along the Håga Trail

1. Fjärdingstullen

This is the starting point of the Håga Trail. Once at the outskirts of the city, it now lies in the heart of Uppsala. But the city is also full of life that you can spot if you keep your eyes open - not least in the vegetation of Engelska Parken (the English Park) and amongst the magnificent trees in the church yard.

2. Rickomberga backar

A calm place to have a rest with a view of the flat fields but at the same time a bare and scarred piece of primary rock which has endured a ruthless, one kilometre thick continental glacier. Its history is literally cut in stone.

3. Flogsta ängar

Rest at an unexpected viewpoint and look out over the borderline landscape between city and country. Out of the woods, across the valley the apartment buildings started growing at the end of the 1960s. Where do you think the city will be in one hundred years?

4. Håga by

Here, among the ancient remains, the rolling fields and the rich cultural environment, lies Lill-håga, an inviting and imaginative place which offers its younger visitors a world of their own.