Nodes along the Gamla Uppsala Trail

0. The Linnean Garden

The Linnaean Garden is the botanical garden of Linnaeus, where he cultivated plants for research and teaching purposes. Today you can explore both the house and the restored garden. Read more about the Linnaean Garden at Uppsala tourism.

1. Svartbäckstullen

At this point lies the start of the Gamla Uppsala Trail. Once on the outskirts of the city, it now lies in the heart of Uppsala. Follow the trail over the plain and up onto the arid ridge, all the way to the mysterious and swaying "Sjödyn" (tarn).

2. Fyrishov

The mud beneath your feet is a reminder of the sea. But if you should hear the sound of waves today, it's probably coming from Fyrishov, a traditional bathing area.

3. Röboåsen

At this location you can soar to new heights! If you manage to reach the summit, you will be rewarded with a new perspective. In the spring, pasque flowers grow in abundance at your feet. You can take a closer look at the particularly shapely specimens all year round.

4. Gamla Uppsala högar

These fascinating mounds cannot escape attention in the otherwise flat landscape of Uppsala. The flower meadow of "Högarna" (the mounds) has been attended to by grazing animals for thousands of years.

5. Sjödyn

Follow the footbridge out to the edge of the moving Sjödyn. If you carefully jump a little on the side of the footbridge you will understand why they call it a quagmire. Have you seen any of the bloodthirsty animals and plants hidden in Sjödyn?